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Process Studios, 2 Easter Road

Edinburgh, EH7 5AN

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Edinburgh College of Art, 74 Lauriston Place
Edinburgh, Scotland, EH3 9DF
United Kingdom


Rebecca Sarah Black is a contemporary jewellery designer and bone smith who creates statement, sculptural and wearable jewellery. Her work is inspired by our constant struggle with identity, the harsh landscape of the coastline and traditional Scottish folklore. Reacting and responding to this she designs work that evokes a sense of place within the wearer.

Working in a transformative process, she takes material that has no precious quality and builds them up or carves them into something new, complex and emotive, giving her work a new precious quality. Her work mimics the forms of rough natural rocks of the shore line, reflecting the shapes and forms she finds visually inspiring, and evokes a natural feeling of connection to the landscape and sense of place within the wearer.

Currently based in the multi disciplinary studio space of Process Studios in Edinburgh, Rebecca is also available as a tutor in jewellery making.

Bishopsland - A new adventure


A blog space for me to keep you updated with my work, events, and a behind the scenes look at my practice.

Bishopsland - A new adventure

Rebecca Sarah Black

Last month I made the terrifying, but exciting move 500 miles away from home, to become a resident for the year at Bishopsland Education Trust in South Oxfordshire.

If you haven't hear of Bishopsland before, it is

"an internationally recognised, post graduate residential course, a bridge between university and professional life as a silversmith or jeweller.

There is equal concentration on silversmithing skills and the professional skills needed to be able to work successfully as a self-employed maker.

This integrated approach makes the course unique"

To undertake a residency here at Bishopsland is to truly immerse yourself in the jewellery making world and industry for the entirety of 10.5 months. So for that amount of time I will be living and working here, learning from the best in the industry and hopefully making some interesting work.

Our first project to work towards is Christmas at Bishopsland, a selling exhibition of new work. For this I have been designing and making a new collection completely in precious metals and look forward to sharing it with you nearer the time.

The exhibition is open for the weekend of 26th and 27th November here at Bishopsland Educational Trust, Dunsden Green, Reading, to which I would like to extend an open invitation for you to come along and see what I've managed to produce whilst being here so far. Please see the invite below: