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Process Studios, 2 Easter Road

Edinburgh, EH7 5AN

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Edinburgh College of Art, 74 Lauriston Place
Edinburgh, Scotland, EH3 9DF
United Kingdom


Rebecca Sarah Black is a contemporary jewellery designer and bone smith who creates statement, sculptural and wearable jewellery. Her work is inspired by our constant struggle with identity, the harsh landscape of the coastline and traditional Scottish folklore. Reacting and responding to this she designs work that evokes a sense of place within the wearer.

Working in a transformative process, she takes material that has no precious quality and builds them up or carves them into something new, complex and emotive, giving her work a new precious quality. Her work mimics the forms of rough natural rocks of the shore line, reflecting the shapes and forms she finds visually inspiring, and evokes a natural feeling of connection to the landscape and sense of place within the wearer.

Currently based in the multi disciplinary studio space of Process Studios in Edinburgh, Rebecca is also available as a tutor in jewellery making.

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Rebecca Sarah Black is a Scottish contemporary jewellery designer maker. Her work is inspired by the dramatic coastline of Scotland—rock formations, crevices and clusters, and the textures and colours brought on by the eroding tide.

The spark of Rebecca’s work is her fascination with traditional Scottish Folklore - epic tales of Selkies, Kelpies, Rashen Coatie and the Bean-Nighe are all connected to and born from the dramatic landscape. Every piece she creates retains this allure at its centre.

Rebecca works in both precious and natural materials, giving her work a unique weight and feel. Working in a transformative process, she takes raw, discarded cow bone, carving into and adding to it to create something new – giving her work complex, emotive and precious qualities, whilst staying evocative of the dramatic coastline. Shapes and forms she finds visually inspiring echo through her work, creating a feeling of topophilia for the wearer.


Photography Credit Gavin Craigie

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